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This is part II of six stories highlighting the lives of Mabel Cartwright’s family.

Emily Boulton, Mabel Cartwright’s mother, was descended from a long line of English landed gentry.

This family was formerly possessed of considerable property at Stixwold in Lincolnshire; and in the 56th of Henry III, we find Thomas de Bolton sheriff of that county.

– from A Genealogical and Heraldic Dictionary of the Landed Gentry of Great Britain and Ireland, Volume 1, by Sir Bernard Burke, 1858

Mabel’s 3rd great grandfather, Henry Boulton Esq. (1728-1788), may not have lived long in the counting of years but he lived fully. The son of Henry Boulton Esq. (1625-1680) and his wife Alice Bolton (1698-?) of Moulton, Henry was Justice of the Peace for Rutland and Lincoln, and a member of the Board of Green Cloth.

He married three times, firstly to Elizabeth Berridge (no children); secondly to Sarah Buckworth with whom he had one daughter — Elizabeth — who married Rev Charles Knightley; and thirdly to Mary Preston with whom he had three children: Henry (his heir), D’Arcy (Mabel’s 2nd great grandfather who became a judge in Upper Canada) and George (who became rector of Oxenden, Northamptonshire).

Henry’s son D’Arcy Boulton (1759-1834) studied law before becoming a partner in the Woollen Yarn Company. Unfortunately, the business partners ultimately declared bankruptcy. D’Arcy, his wife and two sons subsequently emigrated to America. Settling first in New York around 1797, D’Arcy soon decided that the grass was greener for his English family in the more British air of Canada. He appears on the 1802 assessment roll for Augusta Township where he had successfully petitioned for a land grant of 200 acres for himself and 200 acres each for his first five children. A year later, D’Arcy was admitted to the bar and he became a valued member of Canadian government, serving in the conservative administration of the time alongside Lieutenant Governor Sir Peregrine Maitland. D’Arcy Sr was appointed Solicitor General in 1804, Attorney General in 1814 and as a judge of the Court of King’s Bench in 1818.

Thus began the Canadian Boulton legacy of land acquisition and public service. D’Arcy Boulton and his wife Sarah Anne Robinson had eight children. Their oldest son, Mabel Cartwright’s great grandfather D’Arcy Boulton Jr (1785-1846), studied law but eventually decided that a merchant life better suited him. He opened a store at King and Frederick Streets in Toronto. In 1817, he commissioned the building of a family home on 100 acres in what is now downtown Toronto.

The Grange2

Known as The Grange, this Boulton home is now part of Toronto’s Art Gallery of Ontario.

Following his father’s death, D’Arcy Boulton Jr’s oldest son William (1812-1874) lived in The Grange. He was an alderman and a member of parliament who was appointed mayor of Toronto four times. After William’s death, his wife Harriet (nee Dixon) married Goldwin Smith. She died childless in 1909 and after her 2nd husband’s death in 1910, The Grange was bequeathed to the Art Museum of Toronto which is now known as the Art Gallery of Ontario.

Mabel’s grandfather, D’Arcy Edward Boulton (1814-1902) was born in Toronto. As a youngster, he travelled north with his uncle Peter Robinson to explore the suitability of the Rice Lake area (near what would become the city of Peterborough) for future settlement.

D’Arcy married Emily Mary Caroline Heath in 1838 and they raised 10 children (including Emily, Mabel’s mother) at their ancestral home, The Lawn, in Cobourg, Ontario. D’Arcy was a lawyer who was very active in public life, including serving as mayor of Cobourg from 1854-1857. His oldest son, Charles Arkoll Boulton (1841-1899), became an army officer who was involved in the Metis uprising under Louis Riel in 1869. Charles was taken prisoner by the Metis. Although sentenced to be executed, Charles was spared and released from prison 16 Mar 1870.

charles arkoll boultonSOURCE: Memorable Manitobans, The Manitoba Historical Society

Emily Heath (1817-1903), D’Arcy Boulton’s wife, was the daughter of Lt Col Charles Heath and Agnes Wallace. She was born in Madras, India where her father Charles served with the 7th Regiment of the Native Infantry. He died on a march from Russellpoor to Jaulner, India in 1819.

Mabel’s great grandmother Agnes, her grandparents D’Arcy and Emily, along with a great aunt, aunt and her brother John are buried at Saint Peter’s Anglican Church Cemetery in Cobourg.

Boulton headstone Cobourg

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