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A few weeks ago, I received a message from a fellow on Ancestry who is researching his great grandfather Frederick Klenz. My great grandmother Bertha’s maiden name was Klenz.

I knew from Bertha’s obituary that she was survived by a brother ‘Fritz Klantz’ from Edinboro, PA. It took me a while last year to figure out that ‘Klantz’ was actually ‘Klenz’. Confirmation of the correct spelling came from my 2x great grandmother’s death certificate:

Klenz_Hannah death cert 1912

With the correct spelling, I was then able to find a Frederick D Klenz on the 1900 US census. A bit more research filled out some details on his life. I was about 95% certain that this was my great grandmother’s brother.

Today, though, thanks to my 3rd cousin, Mike Mahoney, I’m now 100% certain that Fred Klenz was my great grandmother’s brother. The photo below was emailed to me today by Mike who is the keeper of hundreds of photos inherited from his grandmother Rena, Fred Klenz’s daughter.

courtesy of Mike Mahoney

courtesy of Mike Mahoney

My guess is that this reunion picture was taken a bit later than 1906 … probably about 1909. My great grandfather John Rohring Sr is on the far right (balding fellow with a moustache and a child on his lap — this child is most likely John’s youngest daughter Alice who was born 27 Mar 1907 which is why I think the photo was taken about 1909). John’s wife Bertha is sitting on his right. I believe the girl sitting in front of John is his oldest daughter Gladys who was born 6 Jul 1897. Sitting in the front row, to the right of the blurred out child, is my grandfather John Rohring Jr who was born 23 Sep 1902. He inherited the Rohring ears (as did my brother who looked just like John Rohring Jr at that age).

The oldest woman in the photo (three over to the left from John Rohring Sr, dressed all in black) must be the matriarch of the family … my 2x great grandmother Hannah Klenz. She lived with my great grandparents until her death in 1912. This is the first time I’ve seen a photo of her.

courtesy of Mike Mahoney

courtesy of Mike Mahoney

This photo, taken on the same day as the reunion, clearly shows four generations of Klenz family members. Mike and I are now working to identify more people from these two photographs. If you’re a Klenz descendant, please get in touch.