Untangling two Thomas Nagingtons


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It’s quite common in genealogical research to get tangled up with individuals who bore the same name, were born about the same time and in the same area.

While researching my husband’s great grandfather, Thomas Nagington (1879-1919), I found another Thomas Nagington (gr grandfather Thomas’ first cousin) who was also born in 1879.

As you can imagine, this has created some confusion, not just for me but for others researching these two fellows. For the sake of clarity, I’m going to call hubby’s great grandfather Thomas1 and the other one Thomas2.

As outlined in a previous blog post about Thomas1, there were stories told about him that I’ve been able to prove wrong. Last week, I was finally able to obtain a copy of his death registration from the General Register Office in England.


Contrary to what I believed from my research up to the end of 2014, Thomas1 didn’t die in an asylum. He died at the Forden Union Workhouse in Welshpool, Montgomeryshire, Wales. He must have been released from the asylum, kept himself away from his family, and continued working as a shepherd until he contracted pneumonia and died in the workhouse.

The other Thomas Nagington (Thomas2), is the one whose death registration and estate probate details appears in my October 20, 2014 blog post. Back then, I questioned why, if Thomas2 died in 1947, his estate wasn’t probated until 1959. Today, I figured it out.

Thomas2 was born to parents Matthew Nagington and Eliza Key. Matthew was Thomas1’s uncle, brother to his father Henry. In 1904, Thomas2 married Sarah Heath. Thomas2’s estate wasn’t probated until his wife Sarah died on January 29, 1959. Looking at the probate dates (17 Apr for Sarah and 1 Jun for Thomas2), it must have been discovered while probating Sarah Nagington’s estate that her deceased husband’s estate hadn’t been dealt with up until the time of her death.


It appears that Thomas2 and his wife Sarah had no children. Now I’m off to research the woman who was granted probate of their estates … Annie Hallam, wife of William Harry Hallam. Was she a relative, neighbour or friend?