Jemima St, Toronto


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Since finding Thomas John Gallagher’s estate file (my great grandfather) nearly two years ago, I’ve been looking for a street in Toronto that no longer exists.

value of Thomas John Gallagher property 28 Oct 1905

Noted on the list of the properties that great grandpa owned at the time of his death in 1905 is ‘vacant lot on Jemima Ave’. Tonight, in an 1899 Goad’s Fire Insurance map, I found Jemima Ave!

Jemima St 1899 Goads Atlas

It was actually called Jemima St and was located just east of the Grand Trunk Railway line. It intersected Blong St (previously Booth St) to the west and Logan Ave to the east. Today, Jemima St is Paisley Ave, just south of Dundas St E.

Paisley Ave

from Google Maps

Thomas John Gallagher’s vacant lot on Jemima was valued at $500 in 1905. One of our family stories says that the Gallagher house at 19 Withrow Ave was purchased for $500. Looks like great grandma sold the Jemima property to enable her family’s move into their new home.


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