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Family photos go missing all the time. Great Aunt Martha dies, her home gets cleaned out and who knows where the pictures went? I come across these ‘orphaned’ photos all the time at antique and second hand stores. As I stare into a sombre face, I have an overwhelming need to know who this person was. Did they marry? Have children? What did they do for a living? Where did their families come from and how did this decades old photograph end up in a store?

So, WeGoBack is branching out. We now have a sizeable collection of vintage photographs available for sale with an added bonus. Each photograph has been researched and identified, a family tree has been developed and each purchaser will not only get their unique vintage photo, they’ll also get lots of history.

Have a sneak peek at the WeGoBackvintage website. There are lots more photos to come! (click on any image at the new site to see more details of each photo)


Here is the picture that got WeGoBackvintage started … it was most likely taken on 1 Oct 1927 in Welland, Ontario following the marriage of John James Clement Boulter (1892-1931) and Blanche Carr (1891-1973). A scan has been provided to the Niagara Falls Public Library to be added to their Historic Niagara Digital Collection. Isn’t that a gorgeous old wagon?

wedding wagon

Sadly, John Boulter had a tragic end a mere four years after this picture was taken. He was found dead in his car which was parked in a garage behind the King Edward Hotel in Niagara Falls.

Boulter death


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