Our AncestryDNA experience


As birthday gifts to each other this year, hubby and I purchased two AncestryDNA kits. For years, we’ve both been researching our family histories and felt it was time to take advantage of this new, high tech genealogical tool.


AncestryDNA utilizes a saliva sample to do microarray-based autosomal DNA testing. The results will include details about genetic ethnicity and will identify potential DNA matches, linking us to others who have also done the AncestryDNA test.

This particular test targets recent family history (a few hundred to a thousand years) rather than other DNA tests (Y and mtDNA) which focus on 10,000 to 50,000 years.

In order to fully utilize this test, an Ancestry.com subscription is required. I’ve been an Ancestry subscriber for a number of years and have built quite a substantial tree there for both my husband and myself.

Once our results have been returned (in about 6-8 weeks from now), we’ll be able to see an ethnicity map as well as a map containing pins showing the birth locations of up to 10 generations of our direct line ancestors. Through this testing, we’re also hoping to connect with relatives that we might not have known about.

I’ve read a few reviews from other people who have also completed the AncestryDNA testing. The biggest ‘beef’ so far is not being able to connect with matches through the Ancestry web site. Many people have private trees and many others don’t bother responding to messages. Another complaint is not being able to identify family connections with identified DNA matches. This may well be due to not having fully researched all siblings and their spouses on each family line. I’m hoping that the work we’ve done on our trees will help give hubby and I a better chance of success once our results come back.


Genealogical research has shown that hubby and I have the following ethnicity:

Hubby = Great Britain (his paternal line has been located in a single area of England for generations)
Me = Ireland, Great Britain (paternal line) & European – German, Slovak (maternal line)

Stay tuned for an update on our AncestryDNA results (end of October-mid November 2015)!


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