A Gallagher and the War of 1812


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In my ongoing quest to find out more about my Gallagher family who hail from County Fermanagh, Ireland, I came across a very interesting document this morning.


This is a military discharge document for Private Francis Gallagher from Captain Sadlier’s Company, 2nd Battalion, 8th Regiment of Foot. Francis was b abt 1781 in Kilsmullan, County Fermanagh (the birthplace of my 2x great grandfather, Joseph Farrell Gallagher). At the time of Francis’ discharge on March 14, 1814 (due to a ‘rupture’ … hernia, most likely), he’d served nearly six years with this regiment.

My quick research today has shown that the 2nd Battalion spent time in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Quebec during the War of 1812:

The second battalion went out to Nova Scotia and New Brunswick in 1810. During the winter of 1813-14 six companies of this battalion, with a party of blue jackets, performed a memorable march on snow-shoes through the back-woods from New Brunswick to Quebec. They afterwards took part in the expedition to Plattsburg.

SOURCE: http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~crossroads/regiments/regiments-infantry.html

Where does this Francis Gallagher fit into my family tree? His age places him as a possible brother to my 3x great grandfather, Thomas Gallagher. My grandfather was named Francis … fits right into Irish family naming conventions! If this Francis Gallagher is indeed a family member, he’d be the earliest known person from our tribe to set foot in the Americas.

Off to see if I can find out more about Captain Sadlier’s company and where documents for the 8th Regiment of Foot are located in Canada.


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